“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
–Leonardo da Vinci

Residential and
Private Work

From small balcony gardens to lush green farms, over the years we have worked on many project with all kind of size and budgets.

Residential and Private Work
The living room gardens look beautiful in small courtyards and resort lobbies. These gardens do not need much space and are called Tsubo Niwa. We created.
Living Room Garden
Residential and Private Work
Although unimaginable, a small roof can be converted into an appealing garden. The garden reflected in the picture was created on a small roof, the size.
Roof Garden
Residential and Private Work
Formal garden designs emphasize disciplined and architectural layout with eye-catching focal points, tree avenues and stone statues. Formal gardens are geometrical, symmetrical, impeccable and majestic. These.
Garden with fish pond
Residential and Private Work
A small balcony that serves no purpose at all because of its size, can also be transformed into a pretty garden. In big cities where space.
Small Balcony
Residential and Private Work
The image of an English cottage garden is filled by a profusion of flowers, herbs, and a picket fence. These colorful gardens seem to set off.
Cottage Garden
Residential and Private Work
In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive world, It is an absolute necessity to find a few moments to relax in a peaceful atmosphere. Gardens are perfect places.
Garden of Peace
Residential and Private Work
Water is a symbol of life and movement. According to the feng shui principle, the presence of water in any garden brings prosperity and good luck.
Water Garden
Residential and Private Work
A tropical garden can best be explained by the phrase “ordered jungle”. Mother nature is the best garden designer and we try to emulate her by.
Tropical Garden
Residential and Private Work
The art of gardening has moved between two extremes, from highly architectural designs of Italy and France to comparative freedom of landscape of cottage gardens of.
Contemporary Garden
Residential and Private Work
There are two types of Japanese gardens. The first type is meant to be viewed through glass from inside the buildings. They look beautiful in small.
Japanese Garden