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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
–Leonardo da Vinci
Residential and Private Work

Japanese Garden

There are two types of Japanese gardens. The first type is meant to be viewed through glass from inside the buildings. They look beautiful in small courtyards and resort lobbies. These gardens do not need much space and are called courtyard gardens or Tsubo Niwa. We created one such garden in a 5 by 4 feet space ( shaft area ) in a living room. We can also create a dry rock garden (zen garden ), a tea garden or a pond garden in a courtyard depending upon the choice of the client.

The other type of Japanese garden is meant to be experienced and explored on foot, such as Japanese tea gardens. Curved paths, koi fish pond, wooden bridge, gravel, rocks and bamboos are used for creating interest. As shown in the pictures this project was a large area to be designed as Promenade garden .We created two mounds for planting ,a curved pathway with red Japanese gate ,wooden bridge and a typical rustic looking japanese well to complete the look.