The Constitution Club of India at Rafi Marg is a prestigious club, exclusively for the members of Parliament. The site shown to us was large. We created a formal lawn in the front with Ficus hedges of different coloured foliage and Travellers Palms on either side of a stone fountain, which also served as a bird bath.

At the entrance of the main building, one side was engulfed by the shade of a huge Banyan tree. Here we decided to make a small Japanese gravel garden with a Koi fish pond and a waterfall. To create the desired effect, rocks and stone lights (Japanese lanterns) were placed along with shade- loving plants. On the other side of the entrance, a Shishi Odoshi fountain, (which was used in the olden times to scare away the deer from damaging the rice crops), was installed along with a wooden bridge, plants and rocks.