Design Process:

The landscaping project is carried out in the following stages.:

  1. Site Visit and Analysis: The first step is meeting with a client on the site, in order to understand their needs, that is, how they plan to use the outdoor place. The site is photographed and its location, with respect to the sun and wind, is observed.
  1. The additional meeting with clients: Subsequently a couple of meetings with the client takes place to formulate a brief. We discuss different garden styles so as to get an idea about their likes and preferences, that is, whether they would like a paved terrace area or a manicured lawn, a water feature or a koi fish pond; a pergola or an arbor, a fireplace or firepit, and so on.
  1. Brief: After considering the site details and discussions with the client, a written brief is prepared which forms the basis for Presentation Drawings.
  1. Presentation Drawings: We draft an initial concept design for review and after the consent of the client, the complete presentation drawing, along with the rendered plan and sketches, are made.

Construction and Execution:

The experienced team at Whispering Gardens carries out the construction of the landscape area, water features, planters, pergola, and decking as per the design. We use wood, glass, steel, and stone along with the plants and planters.


Our expert team of gardeners carries out the plantation according to the planting plan design. Garden landscaping is a specialized area which requires a lot of skill and knowledge. For the proper growth, beauty and survival of the plants, it is very important to have the right kind of exposure to sunlight and wind. Planting is the soul of a garden and, therefore, strong architectural lines are softened by using ferns and flowering grasses.

Key Features:

  1. Easy to maintain.
  2. The year around beauty is maintained in all the seasons.
  3. Cozy corners and outdoor recreation areas.
  4. Strong architectural lines with balance and proportion.
  5. Garden styling as per liking and budget.
  6. Flexibility and understanding the needs of the clients.
  7. Suggestions on improvising what actually exists and advise the best way to replant in order to achieve a striking look.


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